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The Dogs in Canada Top Dog award system has been going strong since it was established in 1963 and remains a valued and highly anticipated aspect of the Canadian dog fancy.

Great care has been taken to confirm the results, which are compiled from the CKC’s database (and include all absentees, corrections and cancellations).
Please note that all CKC titles earned up to and including 2013 will appear on your dog’s certificate. If there are any discrepancies or corrections, please contact us at

The Top Show Dogs system awards one point for every dog defeated from Best of Breed to Best in Show.

The Top Obedience Dogs point system awards points based on a dog’s score each time it qualifies in Open or Utility.

The Top Agility Dogs point system awards points to all Qualifying Scores earned in both Standard and Jumpers with Weaves classes at CKC agility trials based on the following point system: Novice, 2 points; Intermediate, 3 points; Excellent A (Excellent), 4 points; and Excellent B (Master Excellent), 5 points.

The Top Field Dogs Retriever, Pointing Dog and Lure Courser rankings are compiled independently of Dogs in Canada by volunteer enthusiasts.

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